Murray-Brown Laboratories Complaint Handling Process

Because customer service is a top priority at Murray-Brown Laboratories (MBL), we take complaints seriously and have developed a process for receiving, validating, investigating, and resolving complaints.  This is a description of our complaint handling process.
com·plaint  A complaint is an expression of discontent, regret, pain, censure, resentment, or grief, a lament a finding of fault and may or may not be expressed overtly and may or may not be lodged formally.
com·plain·ant  Individual making complaint on their behalf or behalf of company or party they are affiliated with.

Step 1:  Complaint is Received

  • MBL Employees must be alert and able to detect any chord of dissatisfaction (to any degree) from the Customer and are requested to relay such detections, overt or otherwise, to Department Managers.
  • For any complaints made directly to an MBL Employee by complainant, or any complaints MBL Employee become aware of in some other indirect fashion, MBL Employee must inform Department Manager as soon as possible of the complaint.  Emailing is the preferred method of communication.

Step 2:  Complaint is Logged in SharePoint and Assigned to a Complaint Manger

  1. Contact information is ascertained.
  2. Complaint shall be handled by an appropriate MBL Manager. This Manager will be one whom was not involved in the original laboratory activities in question.
  3. An email will be sent to the complainant informing them that their concern has been received.

Step 3:  The Complaint Manager will Conduct an Internal Investigation to:

  1. Ascertain the validity of the complaint
  2. Determine and implement the appropriate resolution
  3. A follow up email will be sent to the complainant informing them of MBL’s resolution.
  • The two emails sent to the complainant during the process invite the complainant to respond with any questions or concerns.

Confidentiality Disclosure:  Information about MBL Customer obtained from sources other than the Customer (i.e. Complainant or regulator) shall be confidential between MBL Customer and MBL.  The source provider (i.e. Complainant or regulator) of this information shall be confidential to MBL and shall not be shared with the Customer, unless agreed by the source provider.

Revised 04-13-18 Murray-Brown Quality Management System